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Swiss Cheese Plant


From Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew x Sproutl


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Why We Love It

Holey moley! It’s a Swiss Cheese Plant. Huge, heart-shaped, glossy leaves - and just like the cheese - full of holes. No wonder so many interior designers are obsessed, it’s a true stunner.

Straight out of the 1970s comes the Swiss Cheese Plant, and it is bang up-to-date now. It’s the one to choose if you’re looking for a statement plant.

It’s not fussy about where it grows, just keep away from direct light, as this will scorch the leaves.

Just mist it from time to time and wipe the leaves to take off the dust.

This one comes with a moss pole which will help support the plant as it grows.

Swiss Cheese Plant Facts

More light = more holes

Keep it in bright indirect light for the best holes. If it is too shady the leaves won’t produce as many holes.

It’s a monster…

Its latin name Monstera means monstrous, which is apt, since the plant can grow to 8m tall and 2.5m wide. At home, cut it back if it gets too big.

Want to know more?

  • Current height: 125 cm, current spread: 70 cm
  • You won’t need to 'plant' this houseplant. Leave it in its nursery pot, and put the whole thing into a decorative pot to create "the look"
  • It likes bright, indirect light, although it can handle a slightly more shady spot
  • Swiss Cheese Plants don't like being cold (who does!?), and will shut up shop if the temperature falls to less than 12C
  • Pets and kids? These plants are toxic if ingested, so take care

Product Specifications

Current Height125 cm
Eventual Height200 cm
Eventual Spread150 cm
Effort LevelBit of love needed
Botanic NameMonstera pertusum
Pot Diameter24 cm
Brand NameKew x Sproutl
Code: SPRTL171098
Tips for growing Monstera

Tips for growing Monstera

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Delivered within 2-5 working days

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