5 summer lawn care tips

Keep your lawn in top condition over summer with these tips from Luke Taylor from lawn experts, So & Mo.

1. Mow regularly

During the summer (or growing season, as we like to call it), try to cut your lawn every 3 to 4 days, this will encourage strong and healthy growth. If it gets really hot, drop the mowing to once a week.

And look after your lawn mower. Get it serviced and sharpen your blade if you have an old one. You’ll get a much better finish with a nice sharp blade.

2. Only water if necessary

Grass is remarkably hardy, so even if it turns brown over summer, it will green up when it starts raining and the new growth comes through. If you really want to keep it green you need to be watering every day; something to think about in terms of water use. If you are watering, do it in the evening when the sun is low and the temperature drops.

3. Give your lawn a feed

A liquid lawn feed now will keep your lawn in prime condition during summer. So & Mo Summer Lawn Feed maximises top growth for a lush lawn. We've also added a mix of nutrients to help with recovery, so your lawn will still be going strong after a kickabout or a garden party.

You should see visible results in a few days, but all lawns are different. We advise a few applications before you start to see significant improvements.

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4. Keep on top of the weeds

Pull out weeds as soon as you see them; definitely before they flower and go to seed. Otherwise you’ll be dealing with more and more weeds in the future.

You might have noticed a bright lime green colour grass popping up in your garden at this time of year. This is Poa annua and it is very common in the UK and the only way to remove it is by hand. Use a trowel or handpick out, don't forget to wear gloves and remove the roots.

5. Don’t worry about wear and tear

If summer parties and paddling pools have taken their toll on your lawn with squashed grass, holes from heels and BBQ stands; don’t sweat it. Squashed grass is no problem, grass is a hardy plant, and you can use a rake to get the blades standing back up, but it will sort itself out quickly.

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