Sproutl isn't a fully sustainable company. Not yet. But we're aiming to be.

To be a truly sustainable business is a challenge for any brand, but for a marketplace, with our varied partners and supply chains, the task is particularly challenging.

You've joined us right at the start. We have more work to do, but in the wake of a growing climate emergency, every single action matters. From our ban on peat, to our packaging you can find everything we're doing with our partners to bring about change below.


Peat Free

At Sproutl, you can only buy peat free compost. And we’d like to tell you why.


Recyclable, re-usable, even biodegradable. We’re continually investing in how we deliver your plants and gardening products because it matters.


The garden industry faces some enormous challenges when it comes to plastic. We're going to be transparent and share the problems (and solutions) we’re currently working on.