Buying Guide: Choosing a fire pit for your garden

Ah, the humble fire pit. We’re big fans. It’s such a simple concept that has many benefits and multiple uses. If you’re on the proverbial fence about investing in one, let us tell you - they’re worth every penny.

Are fire pits worth the money?

In short - yes, absolutely. The main reason they’re worth the investment is that they’ve got multiple uses and they make your patio a multi-season space.

Fire pits are great for entertaining

If you want to up your garden party game, a fire pit is what you need. For one, they can serve as a centrepiece or a focal point that brings an area of your garden together.

They look beautiful and add ambiance when you’re entertaining; plus, you can keep guests warm in the evenings as temperatures start to drop during those long summer soirees. They’re also great for making the most out of the garden when autumn and winter set in. There’s nothing quite like huddling around a fire to bring people together.

TOP TIP: You don’t need much to create a guest-friendly spot centred around a fire pit. Just get yourself a few home comforts. Arrange chairs around the fire pit, get yourself some blankets, consider some additional LED lighting and you’ve got yourself a cosy nook to entertain outdoors.

Use a fire pit as a cooking tool

You definitely don’t need a BBQ to enjoy nibbles outdoors. Go for the classic fireside snack and roast marshmallows, or up the ante and serve up bougie hot dogs smoked in the fire. Some fire pits come with grills and other accessories to facilitate cooking on them, or you can buy them separately to be prepared should the occasion call for it.

Which fire pit should I get?

Admittedly, there’s a lot of choice out there, so here are some things to consider when choosing a fire pit.

Types of fire pits

Types vary widely. There’s basic fire bowls which are slick and simple in design and will suit pretty much any garden. They come in different materials (read on to find out more), and can easily double up as a grill if you get the right accessories.

Then there’s more elaborate, multi-level units for lit logs as well as storage space for extra wood supplies. And last but not least, there’s chimineas that add height and radiate extra heat from their steel frames.

Materials to consider

When choosing a fire pit, you’ll want to consider what it’s made out of. We recommend looking for materials that will stand the test of time. All our fire pits are top quality and will see you through many seasons in the garden.

  • Steel: they’re usually corrosion resistant and very durable, but still lightweight and easy to maintain.
  • Cast iron: they’re very sturdy, extremely durable, but very heavy
  • Granite or cement: they’re really durable, and usually withstands mould and mildew

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