Which BBQ should I buy?

​​Make the most of stonking weather by investing in a BBQ. Here’s how to choose the right barbecue to cook up a sizzling alfresco feast.

Which barbecue should I choose?

When you’re wondering which BBQ to buy, sure, it’s worth thinking about factors like size, portability and how often you might use it but, for us, it really comes down to two things:

  • How easy it is to use
  • How tasty it makes your food.

Are you looking for something that’s quick to heat up and easy to clean or is an authentic, smokey flavour all you care about?

Gas BBQ vs charcoal BBQ

Here’s the big question on everyone’s lips: is a gas or a charcoal BBQ better? Most people fall into one category or the other. Ready to find out if you’re a gas groupie or firmly in Team Charcoal?

Cooking on gas

Gas BBQs are:

  • Quick to heat up - their push-button ignition means you can usually start cooking in around 10 minutes.
  • Simple to use and easy to clean, with no ash to get rid of at the end.
  • Easy to regulate - adjust the temperature to cook your food evenly and get it just the way you want it.
  • Adaptable - ever dreamed of a side burner or a warming rack? There’s a gas BBQ with your name on it.
  • Good for regular, everyday grilling.
  • Hard to beat when cooking for a crowd.
  • Best for patios, terraces and gardens.

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Cooking on coals

Charcoal BBQs are:

  • Easy to light, but slow to heat up - it’ll take 30-40 minutes to get hot, but it’ll give your food a delicious, smokey taste and succulent texture.
  • All about the appearance - your food will have that appetising, barbecued look.
  • Straightforward to clean - go for a model with an ash catcher to make life easier.
  • Heat adjustable - raise or lower the temperature by changing the level of the grill.
  • Perfect for occasional use.
  • Good for feeding a couple or a crowd.
  • Great for camping trips, park picnics and garden parties.

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Grills with benefits

When it comes to brands, you can’t beat a Weber BBQ or an Outback BBQ. If you’re looking for something more than a standard BBQ can offer, there are plenty of options to extend your grill’s abilities.

Dual fuel

A dual fuel BBQ with a pellet and gas grill will offer the best of both barbecue worlds. It’s easy to heat up but gives your food an unbeatable aroma and taste.

Smoker grill

If wood-smoked brisket and pulled pork are your bag, a smoke BBQ (aka a smoker grill) might be your match made in heaven.

Pizza stone

Ever lusted after a BBQ pizza oven? Grab yourself a pizza stone, load it onto the grill and close the lid.

Kamado Joe BBQ

If you want to use your barbie for everything from roasting meat to slow cooking and bread baking, a quick-to-heat, ceramic Kamado Joe BBQ could be your dream machine.

Best barbecue features

Make your cook-outs even more efficient by investing in a barbecue with additional perks to help you live that alfresco life to the full. Look out for:

Lids and hoods - Keep food at temperature or slow cook your meal.

Warming racks - Make sure food stays hot before it’s served.

Griddle and grills - Treat your BBQ like a hot plate and cook everything from sausages and eggs to pizza and pancakes.

Wheels - Move your barbecue around with ease.

Chimney - Disperse smoke easily (so it doesn’t smother your guests).

Shelves and racks - Keep tongs, trays, ingredients and drinks within reach while cooking.

Best BBQ accessories

To truly make your summer, don't forget the accessories - kit yourself out with everything you need to get grilling, from tongs to charcoal, briquettes to BBQ grills and covers.

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