The Plastic Problem: Our Approach

There's no getting around it - plastic is a problem throughout the gardening industry. Polystyrene trays of seedlings. Un-recyclable compost and grow bags. Plastic care labels. Cellophane wrap. And pots… So many disposable plastic pots. No one company can solve this, but we aim to be a force for meaningful collaboration and impact across the horticultural industry, working alongside our partners and their supply chain to bring about change, education and best practice.


We’ll be heroing the best sustainable products on the market - Hairy Pots. Elho planters. Fertile Fibre. We'll be making them easy to find on our site and growing our product ranges.

Re-using plastic pots and modular trays. This is the single most helpful thing that all of us gardeners can do right now. Instead of throwing out the plastic pots and trays that plants and seedlings come in, keep them to use again.

Packaging plants is a tricky business - there's no one box that will fit them all. We’ll be updating and changing our packaging constantly to ensure we’re only using the minimum amount of packaging, and no plastic, fitting in more plants in smaller spaces to save on space and material.

Polystyrene is too damaging to the environment to ignore. We’re working together with our partners to completely eradicate the use of polystyrene trays.


No un-recyclable plastic in any of our products, from any of our partners. In fact – no plastic at all.


Sustainability at Sproutl