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Agave americana 'Variegata' 10 - 20 cm / 35 cm / 3 L

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Why We Love It

Highly architectural and superbly drought-tolerant, Agave americana ‘Variegata’ brings an exotic atmosphere to UK gardens.

Huge rosettes of spiny, grey-green leaves are dramatically edged with creamy white stripes, thriving in sunny borders and patio pots.

Commonly called the Century Plant, it rarely flowers until it’s at least 30 years old, when panicles of green flowers can appear in summer.

This Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit-winning evergreen perennial will not tolerate freezing cold, so is best grown in a pot and overwintered in a frost-free greenhouse or conservatory, unless you live in a mild area.

Planting Calendar

Plant in March, April, May, June, July, August.

Flowers in June, July, August.

Planting and Care

Into the Ground

  1. Water the plant thoroughly before planting.
  2. Make a hole that's twice the width of the rootball but the same depth.
  3. Add some organic matter to the soil.
  4. Remove the temporary container and plant at the same height as it was growing in the pot, just burying the roots.
  5. Firm the soil around the plant using your hands.
  6. Water well and get well-watered until established.

Into a Pot

  1. Find a pot that's twice the size of the rootball.
  2. Ensure it has plenty of drainage holes, and put crocks in the bottom, to ensure no compost get washed away.
  3. Fill with good quality compost.
  4. Make a hole slightly bigger than the rootball.
  5. Place the plant into the hole at soil level.
  6. Firm in and water well.

Product Specifications

FeaturesCan be harmful to pets
Current Height10 - 20 cm
Eventual Height150 cm
Eventual Spread150 cm
LocationBorder or bed, Terrace or balcony, Greenhouse
Planting timeSpring, Summer
Effort LevelLooks after itself
Botanic NameAgave americana 'Variegata'
Flower ColourGreen
Indoor / OutdoorOutdoor
Pot Volume3 L
Height35 cm
Code: SPRTL153789
Tips for growing Agave

Tips for growing Agave

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