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Why We Love It

There’s no better way to welcome early spring and invigorate your outdoor space than with the electric pink Camellia japonica ‘Debbie’.

The delightful hue and intricate design of the flowers make it unique: layers of large interweaving petals encircle the tightly ruffled centre creating a beautiful flower.

The buds nestle themselves between bright green leaves on this dense evergreen shrub.

Whether settled by your patio or blossoming in your garden this camellia is certain to add some flair to your outdoor space.

Camellia japonica will flourish and grow over the course of ten to twenty years.

If bedded into an ericaceous (acidic) soil it will absorb plenty of nutrients which will fuel its growth to approximately 4 metres in height as well as those excitable blooms.

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How to Plant

Give some thought to where you will grow your Camellia japonica ‘Debbie’ – It will feel at home in a position with semi-shade and shelter from the wind. Acidic soil is a good treat for it too, so pick an ericaceous compost to bring out the best in this plant's delightful spring flowers.

Into the Ground

When planting ‘Debbie’ in the ground, you’ll need a spade and watering can, as well as acidic soil or compost.

  1. Give your shrub a water – immersing it in water for 30 minutes will really hydrate it.
  2. Dig a hole twice the size of the plant’s rootball.
  3. Take your plant out of its pot or container and carefully place it in the hole.
  4. Coat it in soil or fresh, acidic compost.
  5. Pat down the soil and water your camellia in its new home.

Into a Pot

To plant this shrub in a pot, choose a container that's large enough, along with a trowel and a watering can. You’ll create the best, most vibrant results if you choose an ericaceous (acidic) compost.

  1. Add the compost to the pot.
  2. Dig a hole double the size of the rootball’s and set the plant down inside.
  3. Coat the plant in compost, firming it up with care.
  4. Water your camellia and place it where there’s sun or a little shade.

Product Details

Current Height
60 - 70cm
Eventual Height
150 cm
Current Spread
Eventual Spread
150 cm
Botanic Name
Camellia japonica 'Debbie'
Light Condition
Partial shade
Code: SPRTL102567


Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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