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'Yellow Patio' Rose


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In a Nutshell

What we reckon you'll want to know

Outdoor Plant

Grow outside in a garden or patio space.


Able to brave tough weather conditions and low temperatures.

Partial Sun

Thrives in 3-6 hours of sun per day and cooling shade for the rest.

Why We Love It

With its clusters of bold flowers blooming from June to September, the 'Yellow Patio' rose will brighten up your summer. As you might expect from a plant with this name, it's perfect for growing in pots on the patio. The lightly scented rose is equally at home in a mixed border, where its compact growth habit means it won't crowd out other plants. The way it stands up to disease makes it easy to grow for novice and seasoned gardeners alike.

To enjoy the 'Yellow Patio' at its best, nourish it with plenty of organic matter and a rose fertiliser during the growing season. As spring begins, give established roses a prune to get rid of any unproductive growth and keep the bush in shape.

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How to Plant

The ‘Yellow Patio' is an unfussy type of rose that's at home in all kinds of soils as long as it gets some sun for at least part of the day. For best results, give it some organic matter and a fertiliser feed around the end of winter.

Into the Ground

You'll need your spade, a fork and a watering can or hosepipe, along with a bucket of compost and some fertiliser.

  1. Improve the soil by mixing compost and fertiliser into the top 20-30 cm.
  2. Dig a hole twice the size of the plant's rootball.
  3. Place your rose into the hole, lining up the graft union (the point where the branches start) with the top of the ground.
  4. Backfill the hole, water well and top with a layer of mulch.
  5. In the first winter after planting, prune around a third from the main stems and get rid of twiggy growth.
Into a Pot

The 'Yellow Patio' rose will do well in a relatively small but deep pot. Nourish it with a rich mix of loam-based potting compost and well-rotted organic matter.

  1. Improve drainage by raising your container on pot feet.
  2. Dig a hole double the size of the plant's rootball.
  3. Place the rose into the hole, lining up the graft union with the top of the soil.
  4. Gently backfill around the roots and water well.
  5. Every couple of years, pot up your rose with a fresh batch of compost.
Product Details

3 kg

Eventual Height

50 cm

Eventual Spread

50 cm

Botanic Name

Rosa 'Yellow Patio'

Current Height


Light Condition

Partial sun



Effort Level

Bit of love needed

Flower Colour


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Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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