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'Pretty Polly' Rose


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In a Nutshell

What we reckon you'll want to know

Full Sun

More than six hours of direct sun per day in summer to thrive.

Outdoor Plant

Grow outside in a garden or patio space.


Able to brave tough weather conditions and low temperatures.

Easy to grow

Minimal pruning, watering and pest or disease concerns.

Why We Love It

Brighten up planters, patios and borders with clusters of pink flowers from the charming 'Pretty Polly' rose. This dwarf rose produces dark green, glossy leaves from spring onwards. Its lightly fragrant, cup-shaped blooms appear throughout summer and autumn. Thanks to its compact size, it's very happy growing in a pot. So, however much outdoor room you've got, 'Pretty Polly' will have plenty of space to flourish.

You'll find 'Pretty Polly' easy to grow in all soil types with good drainage. Simply position your rose in a sunny place and water frequently during the summer months. With little in the way of pruning required either, this bushy rose is straightforward to care for. This delightful plant is also known as the 'Meitonje' rose.

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How to Plant

'Pretty Polly' can live in either a sheltered or exposed spot. Adding fertiliser and a new layer of mulch in spring will help it stay in good condition. Collect up the leaves as they fall in late autumn, to keep your plant healthy. The addition of mycorrhizal fungi to the roots when you're first planting will encourage growth.

Into the Ground

Ready to plant your 'Pretty Polly' rose? You'll need a spade and watering can. You'll also need some fertilizer and rose compost or soil.

  1. Dig a hole twice the size of the plant's rootball.
  2. Carefully place your rose in the hole.
  3. Gently backfill the hole with your soil or compost and add some fertilizer.
  4. Water generously.
  5. Add a layer of mulch to the ground.
Into a Pot

Planting your 'Pretty Polly' rose in a pot? Choose a planter that's big enough for your rose to grow happily. You'll need a trowel, watering can, fertilizer and some rose compost or soil.

  1. Scatter some soil or compost into the bottom of the pot.
  2. Pop in your rose.
  3. Gently backfill with soil or compost and add some fertilizer.
  4. Water generously.
  5. Add a layer of mulch to the top of the pot.
Product Details

3 kg

Eventual Height

50 cm

Eventual Spread

50 cm

Botanic Name

Rosa 'Pretty Polly'

Current Height


Light Condition

Full sun



Effort Level

Bit of love needed

Flower Colour


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Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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