'Galway Bay' Climbing Rose


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Why We Love It

For a stunning border backdrop look no further than the Galway Bay rambling rose.

First grown in Northern Ireland around 1966 by Sam McGreedy (one of a long line of rose breeders) this variety showcases large deep pink blooms throughout the summer and autumn.

Growing up to approximately 2 metres tall this vigorous climbing rose is deciduous losing its glossy dark green foliage in the colder months.

It gives off a light and fruity scent for you to enjoy too.

Along with deadheading throughout the growing season for repeat-flowering winter is the best time to prune and tie in the new season's growth.

Don't forget to fertilise and mulch in late winter and early summer as well.

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How to Plant

This climbing rose grows happiest in a sunny spot, but can work in partial shade. For best results, make sure the soil you use is rich and well-drained.

Into the Ground

Ready to watch this rose scramble up to the sky? For planting, you'll need a fork, trowel and some organic matter.

  1. Remove all the weeds from your site and give the potted plant a soak.
  2. Make sure the hole is twice the size of the plant's rootball and cultivate it with some organic matter.
  3. Put the plant into the hole and fill in around it.
  4. Firm everything up to remove air pockets, and water well.
  5. Top the soil with mulch for moisture retention and to prevent weeds from growing.
  6. Once all finished, tie in young shoots to the support system to encourage climbing.

Into a Pot

This Irish rose looks dramatic in a container. You can use the same tools here as for planting into the ground.

  1. Roses need space for their roots, so choose a nice wide and deep container.
  2. Water the potted plant well for easy release.
  3. Once unpotted, give the roots a good tease and encourage them to grow out.
  4. Put it into the new pot and add a mix of well-draining soil and compost around it.
  5. Firm everything up.
  6. Add mulch around the top layer of the soil to keep moist, and keep well-watered.

Product Details

Effort Level

Bit of love needed


Border or bed, Terrace or balcony

Current Height

40 - 50cm

Eventual Height

200 cm

Current Spread


Eventual Spread

200 cm

Botanic Name

Rosa 'Galway Bay'

Light Condition

Partial shade

Planting time

Spring, Autumn



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Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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