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Soil Conditioners

Improve the condition of your soil and you’ll boost the health of your plants. It’s really that simple. Aerate the ground, improve water retention and unleash vital nutrients with the help of our soil conditioning range, which is here to help you get better results in the garden if you’re struggling to find balance.

    1. Besgrow Spagmoss New Zealand Long-Fibre Sphagnum Moss

      Besgrow Spagmoss New Zealand Long-Fibre Sphagnum Moss


    2. Natural Grower Soil Conditioner

      Natural Grower Soil Conditioner

      1 - 50 l in volume

      From £4.99

    3. Pumice (Coarse Grade)

      Pumice (Coarse Grade)


    4. Citrus Focus Repotting Mix

      Citrus Focus Repotting Mix


    5. Pumice (Fine Grade)

      Pumice (Fine Grade)


    6. Worm Castings

      Worm Castings


    7. Coco Coir Boost

      Coco Coir Boost


    8. Bettergrow Vermiculite

      Bettergrow Vermiculite


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