Nothing says ‘spring’ like a daff. Bubbly, bright and blooming lovely, daffodils are always a sight for sore eyes as their cheery trumpets start blaring after a long winter. Also known as narcissus, they come in such a wide variety that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Choose from yellow, orange or white flowers with single or double, ruffled flowers. Mix them up with tulips and crocuses. Or go for miniature daffodil bulbs to create an adorable pot display. Cheap, reliable and low maintenance. It’s hard to go wrong with these chirpy chaps. Oh, and pollinators love ‘em. End of.

    1. Daffodil Naturalising Mixed Colours

      Daffodil Naturalising Mixed Colours


    2. Daffodil 'White Lion'

      Daffodil 'White Lion'


    3. Daffodil 'Tete-a-Tete'

      Daffodil 'Tete-a-Tete'

      From £5.00

    4. Daffodil 'Sir Winston Churchill'

      Daffodil 'Sir Winston Churchill'


    5. Daffodil Paperwhite Grandiflora

      Daffodil Paperwhite Grandiflora


    6. How To

      When to plant daffodil bulbs

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    7. Daffodil 'Actaea'

      Daffodil 'Actaea'


    8. Daffodil 'Sealing Wax'

      Daffodil 'Sealing Wax'


    9. Narcissus 'Paperwhite Ziva'

      Narcissus 'Paperwhite Ziva'


    10. Daffodil 'Thalia'

      Daffodil 'Thalia'


    11. Daffodil Bulbs Mixed Butterflies

      Daffodil Bulbs Mixed Butterflies


    12. Daffodil Mixed For Naturalising

      Daffodil Mixed For Naturalising

      From £11.00

    13. Daffodil 'Anniversary Gift'

      Daffodil 'Anniversary Gift'


    14. Daffodil 'Ice King'

      Daffodil 'Ice King'

      From £5.00

    15. Daffodil 'Delibes'

      Daffodil 'Delibes'


    16. Daffodil 'Golden Trumpets'

      Daffodil 'Golden Trumpets'

      From £7.00

    17. Narcissus 'Mixed Colours' Carri-Pack

      Narcissus 'Mixed Colours' Carri-Pack


    18. Daffodil 'Pheasants Eye'

      Daffodil 'Pheasants Eye'

      From £5.00

    19. Daffodil 'Lotherio'

      Daffodil 'Lotherio'

      From £4.00

    20. Daffodil Species Mixed Bulbs

      Daffodil Species Mixed Bulbs


    21. Daffodil 'Widgeon'

      Daffodil 'Widgeon'


    22. How To

      How to make a bulb lasagne

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    23. Narcissus 'Chanterelle '

      Narcissus 'Chanterelle '


    24. Daffodil 'Tete Boucle'

      Daffodil 'Tete Boucle'


    25. Daffodil 'Bittern'

      Daffodil 'Bittern'


    26. Daffodil 'Snow Fusion'

      Daffodil 'Snow Fusion'


    27. Daffodil 'Rainbow'

      Daffodil 'Rainbow'


    28. Daffodil 'Tresamble'

      Daffodil 'Tresamble'


    29. Daffodil 'Pastel Gem'

      Daffodil 'Pastel Gem'


    30. Daffodil 'Grand Soleil'

      Daffodil 'Grand Soleil'


    31. Daffodil 'Baby Moon'

      Daffodil 'Baby Moon'


    32. Narcissus 'Tete De' Luxe

      Narcissus 'Tete De' Luxe


    33. Daffodil 'New Baby'

      Daffodil 'New Baby'


    34. Daffodil 'Avalanche '

      Daffodil 'Avalanche '


    35. Daffodil 'Yellow Sailboat'

      Daffodil 'Yellow Sailboat'


    36. Daffodil 'Minnow'

      Daffodil 'Minnow'

      From £5.00

    37. Daffodil 'Tamara'

      Daffodil 'Tamara'


    38. Daffodil 'Martinette'

      Daffodil 'Martinette'


    39. Narcissus Jack The Lad Bulbs

      Narcissus Jack The Lad Bulbs


    40. Daffodil 'Fortune'

      Daffodil 'Fortune'

      From £7.00

    41. Daffodil 'Mondragon'

      Daffodil 'Mondragon'


    42. How To

      When to plant bulbs for spring

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    43. Daffodil 'Jetfire'

      Daffodil 'Jetfire'

      From £5.00

    44. Narcissus 'Carlton' Carri-Pack

      Narcissus 'Carlton' Carri-Pack


    45. Narcissus 'Binkie'

      Narcissus 'Binkie'

      From £4.00

    46. Narcissus 'Camelot' Carri-Pack

      Narcissus 'Camelot' Carri-Pack

      From £4.00

    47. Daffodil 'Fragrant Cheer'

      Daffodil 'Fragrant Cheer'


    48. Narcissus 'Cornish Gold' Carri-Pack

      Narcissus 'Cornish Gold' Carri-Pack


    49. Daffodil 'High Society'

      Daffodil 'High Society'


    50. Daffodil 'King Alfred Select'

      Daffodil 'King Alfred Select'


    51. Daffodil Mixed Doubles

      Daffodil Mixed Doubles


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