Water Features: Not the time for subtlety

What do you mean you haven’t considered installing a massive stone fountain in your garden? Pull yourself together, man. It’s 2021. Now is not the time for subtlety.

Close your eyes, listen to the calm tinkle of water in your garden, and you could be in a quiet courtyard in Rome. Pretend you’re in a Marrakesh riad and float romantic tea lights and petals in the water as night falls. Or become a legend in your lifetime and turn your fountain into a gargantuan punch bowl of disastrously strong cocktail as you host your 6 socially distanced friends.

There are sensible reasons for having one too, of course. Water features can cool down a small garden on a scorching summer day. The reflection from a large area of water will act like a mirror and make your garden look bigger. The general tranquil ambience of a fountain will create a serene and meditative sanctuary from the madness of the outside world, And a water feature will offer a safe place for birds, bees and butterflies to drink and bathe. (Watching a baby blue tit have its first splashy bath is worth the price tag in itself). From the classic to the downright unhinged-camp, a water fountain could just be the garden trend we’ve been looking for.

"It should be noted that we’ve spotted one with a splashy stone duckling scene built in. A prize will be awarded to the first customer who installs one in Dalston.”

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