We’re on a mission to make gardening easy and accessible to everyone

Introducing Sproutl

Shop the UK’s best independent garden and outdoor living brands, all in one place. We bring together thousands of curated products from the country’s finest garden centres, independent shops, nurseries, and emerging young brands. Easy to search. Quick to shop. Delivered to your door. Whether you have a tiny flat, a small courtyard, or 10 acre garden, our ambition is to demystify gardening. Who cares if you’ve never planted anything before? This is gardening made easy. And to make things even easier? You’ll find a selection of exclusive Sproutl Collections on site. From a step by step Front Door Makeover, to room defining Kew x Sproutl houseplants, this is the modern way to garden.
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Who are we?

The seed and need for Sproutl were sown when former VP Trading and Strategy, Marketing at Farfetch, Anni Noel-Johnson, wanted to plant her small London garden. Teaming up with former colleague Andy Done (who had previously been Director of Data Engineering at Farfetch, and headed up data analytics at King, makers of the hit game Candy Crush), Sproutl was launched. Hollie Newton, who swapped from being an award-winning creative director to become a bestselling gardening author, was brought on board to be the Chief Creative Officer. COO Devin Sinclair joined Sproutl in October 2021, previously CEO at South Africa's largest food delivery marketplace. Sproutl launched in July 2021 with a $9m seed investment led by Index Ventures (backers of Dropbox, Etsy, Farfetch, Patreon and Deliveroo), Ada Ventures (backers of Spill, Boundless and Bubble) and C-Suite angel investors from leading global tech companies, including Airbnb, Made.com, and Slack.

Making Gardening Easy

From our aftercare and learning hub, to our jargon buster, we want to help you demystify gardening. That’s why we launched Sproutl Collections, which offers a 'few swipes' solutions to the most common gardening problems. The four exclusive, trend-led ranges cover everything from framing your front door with the perfect trees and pots to creating instant impact and nailing the latest houseplant look, together with a compost calculator so you get just the right amount of peat-free soil for your pots.
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Our Partners

Fun, diverse, and inspirational, our partners are just as eager to invite new people into the world of gardening as we are. We’re proud to work with some of the UK’s leading garden centres, such as Polhill, Fakenham, Tates of Sussex, Hayes and Rosebourne, alongside premium gardening brands Sarora Knots and Herboo, and leading nurseries like salvia specialist Middleton.
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Kew x Sproutl

In April, we launched a strategic partnership with the world-famous plant science institution, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Alongside Sproutl becoming an official stockist of Kew merchandise, the partnership includes the launch of exclusive co-curated 'Kew X Sproutl collections', which combine Sproutl's technology platform with Kew's vast scientific and horticultural expertise bringing Kew plants directly into people's homes for the first time.
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A positive impact

Sproutl is motivated by having a positive and meaningful impact on the world and with those with whom we work. We work with Earthly, a global movement that promotes proven, science-backed natural solutions to help businesses balance carbon impact. We are proud to say that we became an Earthly Certified Climate Positive Company earlier this year. Alongside our partnership with Earthly, we also commit to using sustainable packaging, minimising plastic and restricting compost sales to only peat-free.
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We believe

People don’t grow plants.
Plants grow people.
That’s the way we see it.
From the moment you first put your
fingers into soil.
Your life changes.
Mind calmer.
Body stronger.
A little spot to call your own.
At Sproutl, we believe that gardening
should be open to all.
Who cares if you’ve never picked up
a trowel before?

This is gardening made easy.

To us, a garden can be as small as
a windowsill
Or a tiny rented patio.
(Though a 1 acre plot is fine by us too.)
Your first wonky carrot.
Sweet peas in a jar by the bed.
This is life-changing stuff.
A lifelong love affair between you
And nature
That starts the moment you
Plant something.

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