Welcome to Sproutl

People don’t grow plants.
Plants grow people.
That’s the way we see it.
From the moment you first put your
fingers into soil.
Your life changes.
Mind calmer.
Body stronger.
A little spot to call your own.
At Sproutl, we believe that gardening
should be open to all.
Who cares if you’ve never picked up
a trowel before?

This is gardening made easy.

To us, a garden can be as small as
a windowsill
Or a tiny rented patio.
(Though a 1 acre plot is fine by us too.)
Your first wonky carrot.
Sweet peas in a jar by the bed.
This is life-changing stuff.
A lifelong love affair between you
And nature
That starts the moment you
Plant something.

Take a Look

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