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firepit burning

Why You Need
a Fire Pit:
And 6 Things You
Can Do With Them

No matter the season, a fire pit is a fab addition to gardens big or small. They’re great for summer get-togethers and the perfect way to make the most of your garden in colder weather.
Here are six ways a fire pit can bring fun to your garden throughout the year:


1Keep the BBQ season alive
There’s no need to pack the tongs away at the end of a sizzling summer. Fire pits kick out heat, so you can stay warm, keep the good times going and keep lighting the fire pit barbecue even when the weather gets milder.

2Toast marshmallows
How do you like yours? Lightly browned outside with a gooey centre? Or a chargrilled, chewy crust with a light and fluffy middle? Toasting marshmallows is an art worth learning. For a super-indulgent treat, sandwich between rich tea or digestive biscuits with some chocolate to create s'mores. It'll be a sure-fire hit with big kids and little kids alike, on summer evenings or to warm up when it’s cold.

burning wood

3Enjoy a cosy outdoor soirée
A string of fairy lights never goes amiss at a garden party, but a fire pit’s flickering blaze provides all the ambient light you need. Mix things up and enjoy a dinner with a difference, feasting under the stars with a fire pit to keep things cosy.

4Live your top chef fantasy
Get back to basics with outdoor cooking. Whether you’re smoking a whole fish, roasting vegetables or even making some grilled bread, there are few things more rewarding than getting outside and whipping up a meal over a wood fire. You'll have friends queuing up to come dine with you.

5Make celebrations go with a bang
From Bonfire Night to Halloween, spring birthdays to summer festivities, put on some tunes, get the flames going in the fire pit and light up a night to remember.

6Lift your mood
There’s something about gazing into flames that’s a little….bit...hypnotic. Fire can raise our spirits and help us feel connected to nature. As the sun goes down, the dancing blaze from a fire pit can help you relax and unwind.