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firepit burning

Why You Need
a Fire Pit:
And 5 Things You
Can Do With Them

With more time at home and outdoor socialising encouraged, you need a way to keep making the most of your garden in the colder months. What better way than a fire pit?
Here are five fab ways a fire pit can help you enjoy the shorter days:


1Keep the BBQ season alive
It was a sizzling summer for barbecues, but there's no need to pack away the tongs just yet. Keep the good times going and have yourself a fire pit bbq.

2Toast marshmallows
How do you like yours? Lightly browned outside with a gooey centre? Or a chargrilled, chewy crust with a light and fluffy middle? Toasting marshmallows is an art worth learning. For a super-indulgent treat, sandwich between rich tea or digestive biscuits with some chocolate to create s'mores. It'll be a sure-fire hit with big kids and little kids alike.

burning wood

3Enjoy a cosy outdoor soirée
One good thing about the rule of six? It's a great number to break bread with. Host a dinner with a difference, mingling under the stars with a fire pit to keep things warm and welcoming.

4Live your top chef fantasy
Get back to basics with outdoor cooking. Whether smoking a whole fish, roasting vegetables or even making some grilled bread, there's no better time to get outside and make a meal over a wood fire. You'll have friends queuing up to come dine with you.

5Make Bonfire Night go with a bang
Big firework displays might be out, but grabbing your crew and celebrating at home is very in. Grab some sparklers, get the flames going in the fire pit and light up the night.