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misty highlands

Why Peat-Free

It’s not that we enjoy making our lives difficult, it’s just that, when you launch a new company, you get to choose your own founding principles - things to stand for – and this is one of ours. At Sproutl, you can only buy peat free compost. And we’d like to tell you why. *pulls on geography teacher turtle neck*

Those big multi-purpose compost bags you find everywhere can contain up to 70% peat – and that peat is mined from boglands. Peat mining isn’t gentle. It devastates the land, ripping out a delicate habitat that supports hundreds of rare and endangered species.

But it’s the damage to our climate that is the most worrying.

Broadly speaking, peat is made up of dead plants, saturated and preserved in water, locking away vast amounts of carbon beneath the surface. And we mean vast. Though peatlands account for just 3% of the Earth’s land area, they hold twice as much carbon as the world’s forests. And here’s the problem...

fork in compost

The more they’re damaged, the more carbon they release into the atmosphere - a staggering 2bn tonnes a year at present.

And there we were thinking that gardening was good for the environment.

So we won’t sell it.

At Sproutl we sell Soil Association certified peat-free compost. In fact, we sell all sorts of natural soil improving marvels. Come and have a look.

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