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Bush Rose 'You're Beautiful'

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Why We Love It

Be tickled pink with Rosa 'You're Beautiful' an upright rose bush with bright blossoms.

During summer and autumn it bursts into bloom with clusters of vibrant bubblegum-coloured double flowers.

They have a lovely light fragrance so plant them in borders close to your patio to enjoy the aroma.

The bush itself is quite small taking two to five years to reach its full height of up to approximately 85 cm.

It won't spread more than a metre at its bushiest so it makes a great pot plant for smaller outdoor space such as a balcony.

Its glossy green leaves drop off in the winter months when it lies dormant. 

The decorative pot is sold separately.

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How to Plant

'You're Beautiful' is a hardy rose bush but it does best in sheltered spots with plenty of sunshine. Plant it in moist, well-drained soil facing west, south or east.

Into the Ground

'You're Beautiful' is a striking addition to any flowerbed. To plant it directly in the ground, you'll need a spade, fork, compost, fertiliser and a watering can.

  1. Spread your fertiliser and compost through the top 20-30 cm of soil.
  2. Dig a hole twice the size of your plant's rootball.
  3. When you place the rose in the hole, make sure the graft union sits level with the soil. This is where the branches start.
  4. Fill the gaps with the rest of your soil and compost, and water your bush to get it nice and settled.

Into a Pot

'You're Beautiful' can grow happily in containers. Choose a large one so there's space for the roots to spread out. To plant it, grab a spade, trowel, watering can and a bag of loam-based soil.

  1. Pop your container on some plant feet to help with drainage.
  2. Fill the pot with your growing medium, then dig a hole twice the size of your rose's rootball.
  3. Place the rose in the hole, making sure the lowest branches are level with the top of the soil.
  4. Backfill the hole with more soil, and then water your bush in.
  5. After a few years, you'll need to repot it in a larger container with fresh compost.

Product Details

Eventual Spread
90 cm
Current Height
10 - 20 cm
Eventual Height
90 cm
Botanic Name
Rosa 'You're Beautiful'
Indoor / Outdoor
Pot Diameter
19 cm
Pot Volume
3 l
2 kg
Code: SPRTL102855
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