Vitax Slug Gone

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Soil Association Approved
Soil Association Approved

Why We Love It

Discover a natural way to keep slugs at bay with these Vitax Slug Gone Wool Pellets.

Their slow-releasing nutrients help shoo away any unwanted guests while also forming a mulch that helps soil retain its moisture.

Apply Slug Gone to beds pots and hanging baskets and you’ve got yourself an effective barrier against destructive little slugs and snails.

The non-chemical and organic pellets are made from recycled wool so they're completely safe to use on fruits and vegetables and in spaces where little ones and pets roam around.

They're also harmless to birds and bees making them perfect for wildlife-friendly gardens.

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3.5 l
1.1 kg
26.4 cm
36.2 cm
9.7 cm
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Code: SPRTL102457
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