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Viola 'Orange' 6 Pack


Sold in multiples of 4

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Why We Love It

With its golden-orange hues, Viola 'Orange' will bring a burst of warmth to any flower bed, patio or container.

Its five-petaled flowers bloom through summer, stemming from dense and leafy green foliage.

Planting and Care

This Viola grows well in most soil types of any pH level. Plant it in full sun or dappled shade.

Into the Ground

  1. Remove any weeds from your soil.
  2. Dig individual holes that are around twice the size of each Viola's rootball.
  3. Position each plant approximately 10 cm apart.
  4. Place the Violas deep enough to comfortably fit their rootball without damaging the roots.
  5. Backfill with soil and gently firm it down.
  6. Water in well.

Into a Pot

  1. Choose a container that is deep enough for the Viola's rootball.
  2. Dig a hole for each plant and space them approximately 10 cm apart.
  3. Plant the Violas deep enough to comfortably accommodate their rootballs without bending or breaking the roots.
  4. Backfill with soil and gently firm down.
  5. Water them in.

Product Specifications

Current Height15 - 20 cm
LocationBorder or bed
Botanic NameViola 'Orange'
Flower ColourOrange
Indoor / OutdoorOutdoor
Height25 cm
Weight0.2 kg
Code: SPRTL106823

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