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Vegro Multi-Purpose Compost 60 l

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Why We Love It

The Vegro Multipurpose Compost is perfect for fast-growing plants in heavy production.This is compost both you and your plants can feel great about.

This Multi-Purpose Compost 100% peat-free with no green waste made from certified organic coir (coconut husk fibre).

It is Soil Association approved and as a Multi-Purpose Compost is ideal for containers shrub and flower beds and propagation.

Ideally feed your plants just before the plant requires it.

That way there is no loss of plant growth.

It slowly releases nutrients making your plants strong and promoting growth.


Product Specifications

Compost Type Multi purpose
Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Brand Name Fertile Fibre
Volume 60 l
Code: SPRTL101950
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