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Rose 'Troika'

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Why We Love It

With large glossy leaves and stunning flowers the 'Troika' rose is a peachy addition to your garden.

Featuring pointed buds which bloom into big apricot coloured flowers with a lovely scent it's definitely an eye-catcher.

As one of the hybrid tea varieties it's known as a long bloomer so you'll have a show throughout the summer and autumn season.

In spring you'll see a few bronze-tinged leaves at the bottom of each blossoming stem that change to a shiny dark green before falling off in winter.

This Award of Garden Merit winning rose was bred to stay small and compact which makes it ideal for smaller spaces or narrow beds.

Its petite stature gives it excellent patio potential – choose a chic pot and get planting.

The decorative pot is sold separately.

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How to Plant

The 'Trioka' rose prefers a sunny spot with moist and well-drained soil, though it's hardy enough to survive in most conditions.

Into the Ground

To give your rose the right start, gather your trowel, some compost, a watering can and rose food.

  1. First, soak the potted rose to help the transition.
  2. Next, dig a hole in your chosen sunny spot at least two times the size of the plant's rootball.
  3. Mix in compost for drainage.
  4. Add rose food to the base of the hole and combine it all together.
  5. Place the rose in the hole, then fill in around it with soil and compost.
  6. Water well and mulch in later winter.

Into a Pot

As a compact and upright variety, this rose does well in a container, so choose a nice big pot and grab your compost, rose food, trowel and a full watering can.

  1. Water the potted rose well to soften up the rootball.
  2. Fill the base of the new pot with a mix of soil, compost and rose food.
  3. Position the plant in the new pot.
  4. Using compost and soil, fill up the pot around the rose until the rootball is covered.
  5. Give it a drink and mulch in later winter or early spring.

Product Specifications

Eventual Spread 75 cm
Current Height 5 - 10 cm
Eventual Height 90 cm
Botanic Name Rosa 'Troika'
Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Pot Diameter 19 cm
Pot Volume 3 l
Weight 2 kg
Code: SPRTL102835
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