Tinyjohn Terrarium Kit


From London Terrariums


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Why We Love It

Create your own miniature ecosystem with London Terrariums' Tinyjohn Terrarium Kit.

This terrarium will act like a 'mini-greenhouse'- a small, enclosed environment for plants.

Together with the compost provided, the plants will expel vapour, recycling the water within the Tinyjohn.

The condensation is collected onto the walls of the terrarium and flows down to the soil.

This elegant slim-neck glass bottle comes with all you need to create your own tiny garden, while the colourful foliage of the Fittonia and snug green Carpet Moss make the perfect portable garden. This set includes:

  • The signature Tinyjohn terrarium and cork
  • 1 pot of Fittonia Plants
  • Carpet Moss
  • Tools including Sponge Brush, Patter and Pipette
  • Terrarium Compost
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Terrarium Gravel
  • Plant-pot funnel
  • Step by Step Guide

Product Details

4 kg
22 cm
Brand Name
London Terrariums
Code: SPRTL153549


Delivered within 2-5 working days

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