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Shrub Rose 'Thomas A Becket' 20 - 30 cm / 6 l

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Why We Love It

'Thomas à Becket' roses blossom with a rich raspberry hue that always draws the eye.

These pinky-red flowers are equally lovely on the nose with a distinctive lemony scent.

The petals of the large blooms are looser and less dense than other rosette varieties creating a more relaxed look that's perfect for a natural-looking mixed border.

Like most roses it will thrive in all sorts of soil types.

It can also be planted in partial sun so will bring a splash of colour to a dappled part of your garden.

Keep deadheading and the bush will produce those gorgeous crimson flowers all the way from June until late September.

The decorative pot is sold separately.

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How to Plant

'Thomas à Becket' will happily thrive in full or partial sun, and in any moist, well-drained soil. It's usually a border or bed shrub, but you can also plant it in a container.

Into the Ground

'Thomas à Becket' reaches a height of approximately 1.4 metres, so keep it towards the centre or back of your border. You'll need a spade, a fork and some soil improver.

  1. Soak the shrub.
  2. Dig a hole about twice the size of the plant's rootball.
  3. Break up the soil at the base of the hole, adding some soil improver.
  4. Pop the rose into the hole and fill it in with soil.
  5. Firm the soil around the rose, and give it a thorough water.

Into a Pot

Pick a sheltered place in full or partial sun, and use a large pot with plenty of drainage. You'll need a spade, a material that can act as drainage and a mix of multi-purpose and potting compost.

  1. Soak the rose bush.
  2. Pop some pieces of smashed pot in the base of the planter to improve drainage.
  3. Cover this with a shallow layer of the compost mix.
  4. Place the rose in the pot and backfill it with more compost.
  5. Water well.

Product Specifications

Eventual Spread 140 cm
Current Height 20 - 30 cm
Eventual Height 140 cm
Location Border or bed, Terrace or balcony
Planting time Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Lifecycle Perennial
Effort Level Looks after itself
Botanic Name Rosa 'Thomas Becket'
Flower Colour Red
Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Pot Diameter 25 cm
Pot Volume 6 l
Brand Name David Austin
Weight 5.5 kg
Code: SPRTL102625
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