Seed Compost

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Soil Association Approved
Volume: 35 l
Soil Association Approved

Why We Love It

This Soil Association approved 100% peat-free Seed Compost is the ideal way to start your seeds off in an eco-friendly way.

This compost is made from certified organic coir (coconut husk fibre) with no green waste and is suitable for containers transplants and propagation.

For best results do not compact the compost or make it too wet so the seedlings can push through with ease.

Over-compaction also increases the risk of water logging reduces air-filled porosity and restricts root growth.

Because of the coir content you will need to water less frequently than with traditional composts - hurrah time for an extra cup of tea

Not so humble brag: It also won the Gardener's World Award - Best For Cutting Compost 2014.

Product Details

35 l
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Fertile Fibre
Indoor / Outdoor
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Code: SPRTL101860
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