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Rustic Yellow Glazed Pot 31 cm / Yellow

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Frost resistant
Frost resistant

Why We Love It

This cone-shaped pot from J.

Chamberlain is named for its elegant tapering shape.

Frostproof with a vintage-style glaze it’s sure to be at home on any patio or pot garden.

As well as giving your flowers and shrubs plenty of room for their roots to grow this generous pot would be ideal for spring bulb displays shrubs or cascading cottage garden flowers.

Give it pride of place on your patio balcony or use it to dress up your front door.

Make a Big Impact in Your Garden

Make a Big Impact in Your Garden

Pick a trio of big, medium and small plants and pots for a stunning display with minimal effort.

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Product Specifications

Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Diameter 31 cm
Brand Name Apta
Material Ceramic Glazed
Colour Yellow
Shape Classic
Height 31 cm
Weight 5 kg
Code: SPRTL104677
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