Rose 'Ruby Anniversary'

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Why We Love It

Rosa Ruby Anniversary has clusters of red flower heads. These double-petalled blooms will flower from July to September, and the rose's fast-growing but compact shape makes it perfect for limited space.

How to Plant

Plant it in moist and well-drained soil of any type or pH. ‘Ruby Anniversary’ prefers full sun. Water regularly when first planted.

Into the Ground

  1. Find a deep pot.
  2. Fill with a loam-based compost.
  3. Make a hole twice the size of your rose's rootball.
  4. Place your rose in the hole.
  5. Ensure the 'bud union' (where the canes are emerging from the rootstock) is level with the top of the compost.
  6. Add extra compost around your rose.
  7. Water well.

Into a Pot

  1. Dig a deep hole twice as wide as the plant's roots.
  2. Mix in some organic matter.
  3. Gently spread out the roots.
  4. Place the root ball into the centre of the hole.
  5. Ensure the 'bud union' is at soil level. 
  6. Back-fill the hole and firm down the soil.
  7. Water well.

Product Details

Pot Diameter
22.5 cm
Pot Volume
4.5 l
Current Height
25 - 45 cm
Botanic Name
Rosa Ruby Anniversary
Light Condition
Planting time
Eventual Spread
100 cm
Effort Level
Bit of love needed
Flower Colour
Border or bed, Terrace or balcony
Code: SPRTL111355
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