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Rose 'Arthur Bell'

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Why We Love It

The 'Climbing Arthur Bell' is the perfect way to upgrade your garden.

This vigorous and adventurous beauty can wind its way up and around so it's ideal for jazzing up any outdoor surface.

Wide clustered blooms of bright yellow show up twice a year in summer and autumn surrounded by glossy green foliage and thorny stems.

Its classic look makes for gorgeous cut flowers – just remember to deadhead to encourage repeat flowering.

Other than that all it needs is some fertiliser and mulch in late winter.

Rosa 'Arthur Bell' is a small shrub Floribunda rose - perfect for a pot or border.

Planting Calendar

Plant in March, April, May.

Flowers in June, July, August, September.

Planting and Care

Rosa 'Arthur Bell' enjoys all soil types, and prefers to be East, South and West facing in sunlight.

Into the Ground

  1. Dig a deep hole twice as wide as the plant's roots.
  2. Mix in some organic matter.
  3. Gently spread out the roots.
  4. Place the root ball into the centre of the hole.
  5. Ensure the 'bud union' is at soil level.
  6. Back-fill the hole and firm down the soil.
  7. Water well.

Into a Pot

  1. Find a deep pot.
  2. Fill with a loam-based compost.
  3. Make a hole twice the size of your rose's rootball.
  4. Place your rose in the hole.
  5. Ensure the 'bud union' (where the canes are emerging from the rootstock) is level with the top of the compost.
  6. Add extra compost around your rose.
  7. Water well.

Product Specifications

Eventual Spread 100 cm
Current Height 15 - 25 cm
Eventual Height 100 cm
Location Border or bed, Terrace or balcony
Planting time Spring
Effort Level Bit of love needed
Botanic Name Rosa 'Arthur Bell'
Flower Colour Yellow
Secondary Flower Colour Yellow
Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Pot Diameter 20 cm
Pot Volume 4 l
Height 35 cm
Code: SPRTL153093
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