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Rose ‘Molineux’

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Why We Love It

Rich yellow blooms of the ‘Molineux’ rose glow like the golden mid-summer sun, filling borders and containers with a classic tea fragrance.

Young flowers emerge tinged with orange, borne on compact, upright growth.

The hot, yellow shades of this medium shrub rose’s neat rosette blooms turn up the heat in mixed borders, infusing summer planting with dazzling hues and delicious perfume.

How to Plant

Into the Ground

  1. Dig the soil over and fork in some well-rotted garden compost.
  2. Add a sprinkling of general-purpose fertiliser at the rate recommended on the packet.
  3. Dig a hole that’s twice the width of the plant’s root ball and the depth of the blade of your spade.
  4. Remove the plant from its temporary container and place the plant in the centre of the hole, so the graft joint (where the stem joins the rootstock) is at soil level.
  5. Backfill with excavated soil, firm down gently and water well.

Into a Pot

  1. Choose a large pot with drainage holes.
  2. Half-fill the pot with quality compost.
  3. Sit the rose in the pot and adjust the compost level so the top of the temporary container sits around m below the rim of the pot.
  4. Remove the rose from its container and position it in the centre of the pot.
  5. Fill the gap around the edges of the root ball with compost, taking care to ensure that the graft joint (where the stem joins the rootstock) is just above the compost surface.
  6. Firm the compost down, top-up if necessary and water well.

Product Specifications

Eventual Spread 90 cm
Current Height 40 - 60 cm
Eventual Height 90 cm
Planting time Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Lifecycle Perennial
Botanic Name Rosa ‘Molineux’
Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Pot Diameter 25 cm
Pot Volume 6 l
Height 80 cm
Code: SPRTL111418
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