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Maxicrop Extract of Seaweed with Sequestered Iron 0.5 l

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Why We Love It

Containing extract of seaweed and sequestered iron regular doses of Maxicrop throughout the growing season will boost your garden's colour.

It's also ideal for correcting iron deficiency that can lead to yellowing leaves particularly in acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, camellias and heathers.

If the soil conditions in your garden make growing healthy plants a challenge this formulation could be the answer to your problems.

It'll help you take better care of your favourite plants and shrubs and produce a vigorous garden you can truly be proud of.

Apply between March and October for the best results.

Product Specifications

Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Brand Name Maxicrop
Length 5 cm
Height 20 cm
Width 8 cm
Weight 0.6 kg
Volume 0.5 l
Code: SPRTL103104
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