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Why We Love It

The fast-growing Lonicera nitida or 'Box honeysuckle' is the hardy and evergreen alternative to your everyday fence.

Growing up to around 3 m tall this bushy beauty offers privacy and needs very little maintenance – just give it a prune in the summer and autumn.

Simply trim back the thin stems and small densely packed leaves to get a perfectly uniform hedge or try your hand at creating topiary shapes.

Come summertime your 'Box honeysuckle' will produce tiny lightly-scented white flowers and in autumn will be covered in dark blue berries.

Lonicera nitida is exceptionally versatile and can flourish in almost all environments making it a welcome addition to any outdoor space.

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Planting and Care

The Lonicera nitida can be planted throughout the year – just avoid any hot and dry periods and frozen ground. It can survive in most conditions, giving you plenty of options for where to position it in your garden.

Into the Ground

Make sure to have a spade and watering can to hand, as well as some moist soil and compost.

  1. First up, choose your plot.
  2. Next, give your plant a good soak while you dig a hole about twice the size of the rootball.
  3. If you're using heavy sand or clay soil, add compost for moisture retention.
  4. Remove the original pot from the plant, and loosen the roots.
  5. Place your Lonicera nitida into the hole and cover up to the stem with soil.
  6. Firm up, water it and then add about 10 cm of mulch for pest protection.
  7. Aim to plant four per metre for a nice dense hedge.

Into a Pot

You'll need a spade and watering can, plus a large container with enough room to allow your Lonicera nitida to stretch out.

  1. Start with a pot at least double the size of the one your plant came in.
  2. Fill with soil and compost.
  3. Soak your Lonicera nitida and remove the original pot.
  4. Place your plant into the container, so the stem is level with the top of the soil. Then fill in around it.
  5. Firm up and water well.
  6. Remember to keep it moist, but not overwatered.

Product Specifications

Current Height50 - 60 cm
Eventual Height150 cm
Eventual Spread150 cm
Botanic NameLonicera nitida
Indoor / OutdoorOutdoor
Pot Diameter19 cm
Pot Volume3 L
Weight1.5 kg
Code: SPRTL102500


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