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LECA 10-20mm Grade 16 L

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Why We Love It

LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) has wicking properties that make it an excellent medium for growing plants hydroponically or for use as a component in a soil mix.   With two available sizes, our LECA will meet the needs of small, medium and large plants alike.

LECA is also commonly used as a drainage layer for terrariums and our LECA, being darker and less uniform than some other brands, makes for a more pleasing aesthetic when used for this purpose LECA is nearly half the density of calcined clay and about the same density as horticultural charcoal, making it an ideal substrate option for drainage layers. We recommend covering LECA with a material such as horticultural fabric or synthetic screening to prevent smaller-grained substrate materials from filtering down.

Product Specifications

Brand NameGrowTropicals
Length30 cm
Height50 cm
Width30 cm
Weight8 kg
Volume16 L
Code: SPRTL169765

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