Ficus microcarpa 'Ginseng'

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Current Height: 10 - 15 cm
10 - 15 cm
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20 - 30 cm

Why We Love It

Full of character Ficus microcarpa 'Ginseng' won't fail to put a smile on your face.

This bonsai-style plant has glossy little leaves year-round, all growing on a central trunk with roots naturally pushing upwards.

This characteristic makes 'Ginseng' look like it's about to walk-off, but worry not - it's safe and secure in your pot.

How to Plant

Position 'Ginseng' in a brightly-lit spot, east or west-facing ideally and water well at planting time.

Into a Pot

  1. Pour a small amount of compost into the bottom of your chosen container.
  2. Put the plant in place and then back-fill soil around the rootball.
  3. Lightly water after repotting.
  4. The soil should be just damp enough that if you press your forefinger into the soil it is moist above the top of your nail.
  5. Regularly check the soil is moist but not soaking or sitting in water.

Product Details

Pot Diameter
11 cm
Current Height
10 - 15 cm
Botanic Name
Ficus microcarpa 'Ginseng'
Light Condition
Sun, Partial shade
Planting time
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Eventual Spread
50 cm
Effort Level
Bit of love needed
Flower Colour
Code: SPRTL156832
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