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Current Height: 65 - 75 cm

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Why We Love It

Pure white blooms with pink blushes make Jasminum officinale 'Affine' a summer stunner. Its dainty flowers produce a sublime scent that wafts across gardens and intensifies on warm days.

How to Plant

It'll grow quickly in a sunny but sheltered spot. Any moist, well-drained soil and partial shade will do.

Into the Ground

    When you're ready to plant your Jasmine, find a sunny-south facing wall and grab your spade and a fork, along with some horticultural grit and a watering can or hosepipe.

  1. Mix grit into the top layer of your soil to improve drainage.
  2. Dig a hole twice the width of the plant's rootball.
  3. Pop your Jasmine on the hole, with the top of the rootball level with the soil surface.
  4. Backfill the hole and gently tamp down the soil around the roots. Water well.
  5. Add a layer of mulch to keep the ground moist

Into a Pot

    Jasmine is highly suitable for growing in large containers, near a sunny south-facing wall, where it will cascade over the side. You'll need some potting soil, potting compost or a mixture of the two, along with your trowel and a watering can.

  1. Improve drainage by raising your container on pot feet.
  2. Add a layer of soil or compost to the bottom of your container.
  3. Place your plant on the soil with the top of its rootball a few centimetres below the rim of the pot.
  4. Backfill around the roots with your compost, tamping down gently as you go. Water well.

Product Details

Pot Diameter
19 cm
Pot Volume
3 l
Current Height
65 - 75 cm
Eventual Height
400 cm
Current Spread
15 cm
Eventual Spread
400 cm
Botanic Name
Jasminum officinale f. affine
Light Condition
Partial shade
Code: SPRTL105081


Delivered within 2-5 working days

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