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Why We Love It

One of the easiest palms to care for is the Kentia Palm. It doesn’t mind a bit of neglect, so perfect for the busy household or office (when no one can remember who is on watering duty for the week).

With its luscious thick green foliage, the Kentia Palm will stand out in any setting, and in fact, these are the original parlour palms from Victorian times.

Kentia Palms are one the most popular palms to keep as a houseplant, mainly because they are so damn tough and easy to look after.

The botanical name is Howea forsteriana, which is named after Lord Howe Island, off the north east coast of Australia where they were first found.

Kentia Palm Facts

Fit for a Queen…

Queen Victoria grew Kentia Palms in all of her homes and had Kentia Palms placed around her coffin while she lay in state.

Create your own palm court…

Kentia Palms were the palm of choice hotels like the Ritz in London and the Plaza Hotel in New York at the beginning of the 20th Century, when palm courts were all the rage.

Want to know more?

  • Current height: 120 cm, current spread: 70 cm
  • You won’t need to 'plant' this houseplant. Leave it in its nursery pot, and put the whole thing into a decorative pot to create "the look"
  • It likes bright, indirect light, although it can handle direct morning or late afternoon sunlight
  • Kentia Palms don't like being cold (who does!?), and will shut up shop if the temperature falls to less than 10C
  • Pets and kids? This plant is non-toxic, so safe around pets and kids

Product Specifications

Current Height120 cm
Eventual Height200 cm
Eventual Spread150 cm
Effort LevelBit of love needed
Botanic NameHowea forsteriana
Pot Diameter21 cm
Brand NameKew x Sproutl
Code: SPRTL171097
Tips for growing Howea

Tips for growing Howea

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