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Rubber Plant ‘Abidjan’


From Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew x Sproutl


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Why We Love It

For a retro 1970s feel, get yourself a Rubber Plant. It was a groovy plant back then, and it’s a groovy plant today.

The Rubber Plant 'Abidjan' will serve you well as a houseplant thanks to its large, luxurious leaves, glossy green and white.

‘Abidjan' has waxy elegant leaves with tones of bronze and burgundy, making it a striking house plant perfect for any room.

This rubber plant is sophisticated, but it’s also easy to look after; just keep it away from direct sunlight in the house and it will thrive.

Rubber Plant Facts

Go big…

Rubber Plants can get big. Really big. In their native environment they can easily reach 60m tall. Yikes. At home, just cut the top off when it reaches your desired height.

Why the name?

The Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) produces latex and in the past has been used to make rubber, but nowadays the main commercial source of latex is the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).

Want to know more?

  • Current height: 75 cm, current spread: 50 cm
  • You won’t need to 'plant' this houseplant. Leave it in its nursery pot, and put the whole thing into a decorative pot to create "the look"
  • It likes bright, indirect light, although it can handle a slightly more shady spot
  • ‘Abidjan’ doesn't like being cold (who does!?), and will shut up shop if the temperature falls to less than 16C
  • Pets and kids? These plants are toxic if ingested, so take care. Sap contains latex, so avoid if you have a latex allergy

Product Specifications

FeaturesCan be harmful to pets
Current Height75 cm
Eventual Height200 cm
Eventual Spread100 cm
Effort LevelBit of love needed
Botanic NameFicus elastica 'Abidjan'
Pot Diameter24 cm
Brand NameKew x Sproutl
Code: SPRTL171095
Tips for growing Ficus

Tips for growing Ficus

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Delivered within 2-5 working days

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