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Devil's Ivy Marble Queen 12 - 16 cm

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Why We Love It

Looking to fill a bare corner of a room with foliage from floor to ceiling?

Need a self-climbing plant that’ll scramble skywards under its own steam?

Then the beautifully variegated Devil’s Ivy, Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’, fits the bill.

Once established around a mossy pole, plants will begin their journey upwards, displaying glossy green leaves that are beautifully splashed with cream and white.

How to Plant

Plant 'Devils Ivy' in partial shade in a moist but well-drained chalk, clay, loam or sandy soil of any pH.

Into a Pot

  1. Choose a pot that's slightly bigger than the plant's root ball.
  2. Partly fill the pot with houseplant compost.
  3. Take your plant out of its container and place it in the pot.
  4. Fill gaps around the edges with compost and gently firm it in.
  5. Water lightly to settle it in.

Product Specifications

Eventual Spread 100 cm
Current Height 12 - 16 cm
Eventual Height 300 cm
Planting time Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Lifecycle Perennial
Effort Level Bit of love needed
Botanic Name Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Length 12 cm
Width 12 cm
Weight 1 kg
Code: SPRTL111130
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