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Why We Love It

Simply the zest.

Wow your friends and family by growing lemons at home.

Give your garden a Mediterranean feel with this lemon tree, Citrus x limon.

This beautiful citrus lemon tree will thrive in a bright, warm room or conservatory and can even be grown outdoors on patios in summer – just bring the plant inside again before temperatures drop in autumn.

Watch in awe as small, pretty white flowers are borne on dark green, glossy foliage throughout the warm months, paving the way for your very own crop of glowing yellow lemons.

How to Plant

Lemon trees are best grown in a warm environment in the UK and moved outside for the summer.

This plant prefers a well-drained soil with a neutral pH value in a sheltered, full sun location.

Only water when the soil is dry to touch.

Into a Pot

  1. Choose a pot that’s slightly bigger than the plant's temporary container.
  2. Ensure the new pot has drainage holes so excess water can escape.
  3. You can raise your container on pot feet to help with drainage.
  4. Part-fill the new pot with a quality citrus or loam-based compost.
  5. Remove the temporary container and place the plant in the new pot, so the rootball sits slightly below the pot’s rim (it’ll prevent water from running over the edge).
  6. Fill the gaps around the edges with compost, firm in gently and stand the pot in a saucer..
  7. Water your young tree regularly until the roots are well established.

Product Details

Current Height
60 - 80cm
Botanic Name
Citrus x limon
Light Condition
Planting time
Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn
Eventual Spread
125 cm
Effort Level
Bit of love needed
Flower Colour
Terrace or balcony, Greenhouse
Pot Diameter
Pot Volume
Code: SPRTL148961


Delivered within 2-5 working days

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