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Why We Love It

The Aucuba japonica 'Crotonifolia' is an evergreen shrub that can energise any outdoor space.

Once bedded in 'Crotonifolia' is a slow grower that’s easy to care for so it’s perfect for experienced and beginner gardeners alike.

It also does well living in the shaded corners of your garden and only needs occasional pruning to keep it neat.

Nicknamed ‘spotted laurel’ the resilient shrub has leather-like green leaves with a yellow paint-splatter appearance – think nature's own Jackson Pollock.

When the plant blooms from April to May small purple flowers appear and complement the spotted leaves.

This is followed by red berries soon after pollination adding an extra pop of colour to this bushy shrub.

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Make a Big Impact in Your Garden

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How to Plant

'Crotonifolia' does well in both exposed or sheltered positions, though it prefers full or partial shade. It can be planted any time of the year but avoid hot or freezing temperatures – Spring or Autumn are the safest bets.

Into the Ground

Ready to plant your 'Crotonifolia'? All you need is your trowel, a watering can and some chalk, sand or loam soil.

  1. 'Crotonifolia' is a hardy shrub, but make sure your soil is moist and well-drained – nothing too waterlogged.
  2. Dig a planting hole twice the size of the rootball and place your shrub inside.
  3. Return some of the soil you took out earlier, to hold it in place while watering it firmly in.
  4. In the spring, make sure to prune any sprawling branches and to add a generous spread of mulch around the base to keep it growing healthily.

Into a Pot

'Crotonifolia' will happily grow in containers. Choose a pot with enough room, then pick up your trowel and organic compost.

  1. Fill your pot with compost, digging a hole twice the size of the rootball.
  2. Carefully place your shrub in the hole and pat it down with compost and water to firm up the roots.
  3. Find a shaded space to let it grow slowly and hassle-free.
  4. When the top 3 cm of compost dries out, water it well.

Product Specifications

Eventual Spread 100 cm
Current Height 40 - 50 cm
Eventual Height 100 cm
Botanic Name Aucuba japonica 'Crotonifolia'
Flower Colour Red
Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor
Pot Diameter 19 cm
Pot Volume 3 l
Weight 2 kg
Code: SPRTL102503


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