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Our Clayfibre planters offer a traditional and authentic look - if you're looking for a Mary Poppins London/ Downton Abbey vibe then look no further. The planters are lightweight enough to be easily moved before planting and will weather gently and realistically, whilst emitting salts that result in an attractive, misty, faux-lead patina. They are made of natural materials so there will be slight colour variations and edges may not be perfectly uniform. These are a firm favourite of ours for quickly smartening up your garden.

The Lion Head planters add a subtle touch of stylish tradition to any garden or window ledge. Go wild.


  • Length 50 cm, height 18 cm, width 16 cm
  • Length 60 cm, height 25 cm, width 22 cm
  • Length 70 cm, height 29 cm, width 27 cm
  • Length 80 cm, height 35 cm, width 36 cm
Top diameter / length:

Each item is carefully picked and packed by our partners to ensure that everything reaches you safely.


So… shipping plants is not as easy as shipping loo roll - who knew? The plants we sell have been cared for and nurtured by our partners - they are living things, and much like if we were sending you a puppy, we want them to arrive on your doorstep thriving and healthy.

Shipping for our End of Season Colour Collections is £5.99 and they should get to you in 3-5 working days.


We have a large selection, the majority being quite large and sometimes quite heavy. To ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition, we use pallets.

The delivery rates are based on the pallet size required to ship the items which will be calculated at checkout.

Prices range from £10.99 - £34.99.

Our delivery provider will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date within 5-10 working days of ordering. Please be aware that the deliveries will be kerbside to your property. The delivery provider will also wait for 15 minutes for you to check the contents and sign for the delivery.

Very rarely problems do occur in transit so if you find damages please ask the courier to take the damaged item away.

If you have any concerns regarding your delivered items after delivery, please send us photographs including the packaging within 24 hours to helpme@sproutl.com and we will do our very best to help.

Unfortunately we are unable to ship outside of the UK at this time.

Due to COVID-19 there could occasionally be delays - we will contact you if this occurs.

If you are worried about your delivery or have any questions please send us a message at helpme@sproutl.com, one of our team will do their very best to help.