Horticus Medium Living Wall Kit

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Why We Love It

Rewild your home with this modular living wall system by Horticus.

The powder-coated steel frames and hexagonal terracotta planters fit together to hold plants that can be easily watered and maintained with no need for gravity-defying acrobatics.

Once the frames are fixed to a wall the planters slide in easily.

Thanks to some clever holes at the top of each one the planters can be watered in place.

Every frame comes with fool-proof instructions on how to fit plant and care for your indoor jungle.

Kits of varying sizes are available - this one includes three frames and six terracotta planters.

Ready to grow your vertical garden? Simply add another tessellating set to the mix.

How to Plant

Presoak your terracotta planters for at least an hour before potting them up. Pat them dry and scatter some loam soil in the base, before tapping your plants out of their nursery pots and lowering them inside.

Backfill the planters with loam and firm your plants in around the base. Loam is made up of equal parts clay, silt and sand and it’s brilliantly water-retentive, so won’t drop out of the planters once they’re on the wall. Alternatively, you could wind sphagnum moss around the plants’ stems to prevent soil from escaping.

Give your newly potted plants a generous drink, then slide the planters into the frame and let your leafy friends settle into their new, vertical home.

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18 cm


115 cm



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Delivered within 2 - 4 working days
Delivered within 2 - 4 working days

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