Picea pungens 'Super Blue'


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Why We Love It

With its striking silvery-blue needles, Picea pungens ‘Super Blue’ will add a steely sheen to your garden foliage. This beautiful conifer has a distinct aromatic scent and as it ages, the blue colour intensifies.

A slow-growing fir tree, its dense conical shape can’t help but remind you of a Christmas tree. Growing to just 2.5m in 10 years, this is a compact variety that will happily grow in a large tub if kept well watered and fed regularly.

Decorative pot sold separately.

How to Plant

This Picea is low and slow-growing, so grows well in both containers and in the ground. You'll need your gloves for this one due to its needles.

Into the Ground

  • Grab your gloves, some tree and shrub compost, a watering can and of course a spade or trowel.
  • Pop the gloves on and water the potted pine well.
  • Dig a hole that's twice the size of the rootball.
  • Mix in some tree and shrub compost.
  • Place the bare rootball in the hole and fill in around it.
  • Cover the rootball and firm up.
  • Water well and mulch in winter.

Into a Pot

  • Take a large container that's twice as large as the rootball, as well as your gloves, trowel, tree and shrub compost and a watering can.
  • Pull on your gloves to prevent any needle-related accidents and soak the potted pine in its old pot.
  • Mix garden soil and compost together in the new container.
  • Remove the old pot and position the pine in the new one.
  • Fill in around it with more soil and compost and pat down.
  • Give it a drink and remember to mulch in winter.

Product Details

Effort Level
Looks after itself
Border or bed
Current Height
35 - 40cm
Eventual Height
250 cm
Eventual Spread
100 cm
Botanic Name
Picea pungens 'Super Blue Seedling'
Light Condition
Code: SPRTL108899


Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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