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European Olive


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In a Nutshell

What we reckon you'll want to know

Outdoor Plant

Grow outside in a garden or patio space.

Partial Sun

Thrives in 3-6 hours of sun per day and cooling shade for the rest.

Why We Love It

The Olea Europaea, known more commonly as the 'Olive tree', is the quintessential Mediterranean tree. With its simple leathery oval-shaped leaves and small white flowers, the tree is an attractive and popular choice, fitting in seamlessly with various shrubs, flowers and colour schemes. While suitable for growing in a range of climates, this hardy tree will do especially well in full sun and sheltered spaces. As long as you can give it some protection against frost and high winds, you'll find it fairly easy to look after. With the right care and conditions, you might even get some olives if you're lucky.

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How to Plant

The Olea europaea is an evergreen tree and best suited to planting in spring in sunny, sheltered south-facing positions. It thrives outdoors, as long as it's protected from prolonged temperatures below -7°C and any potential frost. In winter, use a material around the trunk like garden fleece for extra protection from the elements.

Into the Ground

You'll need a spade and a watering tool ready, and moist but well-drained soil or peat-free multi-purpose compost.

  1. Dig a hole that is twice the size of the Olea europaea's rootball.
  2. Carefully remove your tree from its container and place it in the hole, then back-filling with soil.
  3. Water generously so that moisture reaches the roots.
Into a Pot

You'll need a spade and watering tool, plus a container larger than the one the tree arrived with plenty of drainage holes.

  1. Pour a small amount of soil at the bottom of your chosen container.
  2. Place the tree inside and then back-fill soil around the rootball.
  3. Water thoroughly and add in more soil if needed.
  4. Keep the soil moist and regularly watered, especially during growing season.
Product Details

15 kg

Eventual Height

200 cm

Eventual Spread

300 cm

Botanic Name

Olea europaea

Current Height

40 - 50cm

Light Condition

Partial sun



Effort Level

Bit of love needed

Flower Colour

No Flower

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Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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