Japanese Laurel 'Pepperspot'


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Why We Love It

For year-round lustrous and colourful foliage try the Aucuba japonica 'Pepperspot' or spotted laurel.

The glossy leaves on this evergreen shrub are covered in a generous sprinkling of creamy-yellow spots that add bright flashes of colour to its dense and compact foliage.

This plant is a bit of a toughie – it can be grown in any soil and in either the sunniest or shadiest spot in your garden.

With its multi-coloured leaves and ability to thrive anywhere it's particularly suited to brightening up a dark shady corner.

It will grow quickly to an eventual height of approximately 1.5 m high with little effort and maintenance required.

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How to Plant

The Aucuba japonica 'Pepperspot' is easy-going and will grow in both full sun or full shade, in any well-drained garden soil. For the best results, plant it in October or April.

Into the Ground

You'll need some well-rotted garden matter and your spade.

  1. Water your shrub well, soaking the pot.
  2. Mix lots of well-rotted garden compost into your soil.
  3. Dig a hole roughly double the size of the rootball.
  4. Loosen hard or compacted soil.
  5. Remove the plant from its pot. Loosen its roots.
  6. Place your plant in the hole, ensuring the top of the rootball is level with the soil.
  7. Backfill your hole.
  8. Firm down the soil and water well.
  9. Add 5 to 8 cm of mulch over the soil.
  10. Water regularly for the first two years.

Into a Pot

You'll need a container, some compost and your trowel.

  1. If your container has a large drainage hole, cover it with a few stones.
  2. Add compost to the container.
  3. Remove your plant from its pot. Loosen the roots slightly.
  4. Place your plant on the compost, ensuring the top of the rootball will be level with the top of the compost. (Leave a 2.5 cm gap at the top of your container.)
  5. Fill in the space around the plant and firm down the compost. Water well.
  6. Water when dry.

Product Details

Current Height
30 - 40cm
Eventual Height
200 cm
Current Spread
Eventual Spread
200 cm
Botanic Name
Aucuba japonica 'Pepperspot'
Light Condition
Partial shade
Code: SPRTL103020


Estimated Standard Delivery £10.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £10.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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