Magnolia 'Exmouth'


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RHS Certified
Current Height: 30 - 40 cm

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RHS Certified

Why We Love It

The evergreen 'Exmouth' is a magnificent magnolia tree that can reach up to 12 metres in height.

Its creamy-white blooms arrive in summer and stay till the autumn often reaching a diameter of up to 25 cm.

They're wonderfully fragrant trees too so make sure you plant it somewhere people can enjoy the scent.

The glossy oblong leaves are brown-felted underneath and they'll remain all year round.

Just keep an eye out for leaf spot.

This shouldn't cause you too much of a problem particularly on mature trees but any brown leaves that have dropped should be disposed of rather than composted.

Give your magnolia a spot in full or partial sun the flower buds will also appreciate shelter from cold winds.

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How to Plant

To enjoy the best growth and flowering, plant your magnolia in fertile, moist soil where it can enjoy full sun. Next to a warm wall is an ideal location. In an open spot, you might need to stake it out to protect from damage in strong winds. Once established, it will require little else in the way of maintenance.

Into the Ground

When you're ready to plant your 'Exmouth' magnolia, grab your spade, along with a watering can or hosepipe.

  • Improve your soil if necessary. Dense clay soils will benefit from having compost or grit mixed in to improve drainage.
  • Dig a hole twice as big as the plant's rootball.
  • Insert your plant into the hole, with the top of its rootball level with the soil surface.
  • Backfill with your excavated soil, tamping down gently as you go. Water well.
  • Add a layer of mulch to conserve moisture.

Into a Pot

If you want to grow your magnolia in a container, you'll need a large one. Stone or terracotta pots are ideal as their weight will help keep them from being blown over. You'll also need good-quality potting soil.

  • Improve drainage by raising your container on pot feet.
  • Place a small quantity of soil in the bottom of your pot.
  • Pop your plant in the soil with the top of its rootball a few centimetres below the rim of the pot.
  • Backfill around the roots with your compost, tamp down and water well.

Product Details

Current Height
30 - 40cm
Eventual Height
600 cm
Current Spread
Eventual Spread
600 cm
Botanic Name
Magnolia grandiflora 'Exmouth' 
Light Condition
Partial shade
Code: SPRTL104153


Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99
Delivered within 2-4 working days
Estimated Standard Delivery £5.99  ·  Delivered within 2-4 working days

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