Why We Love It

As spring turns to summer the Rhododendron 'Johanna' celebrates with a display of deep carmine-red flowers.

Come autumn this shrub has another treat in store as its shiny leaves turn a darker shade of red.

Those leaves will remain all year round too and make a beautiful addition to your outdoor space whatever the season.

This compact plant is suitable for growing in containers to add a burst of colour to a patio or border.

It enjoys dappled shade but can also do well in sunny spots just so long as the soil is kept moist.

As part of the rhododendron family it needs acidic soil to thrive.

The decorative pot is sold separately.

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How to Plant

As members of the rhododendron family, this plant needs soil with a pH of around 4.5 to 6. If yours is too alkaline, a container filled with ericaceous compost is a good option, or you could try using well-rotted compost or sulphur to make your soil more acidic.

Into the Ground

Ready to plant your 'Johanna'? Make sure you have slightly acidic soil. Then grab your spade and a watering tool.

  1. Improve your soil by mixing in organic matter – composted tree bark or pine needles are ideal.
  2. Dig a hole twice as big as the plant's rootball.
  3. Plant shallow with the top of the rootball level with the soil surface.
  4. Backfill and water well.
  5. Add at least 8 cm of acidic mulch on top of the soil to keep it moist. Chipped conifer bark or pine needles work well, as does home-made leaf litter.
Into a Pot

You'll need a container slightly bigger than the one the plant came in, along with some ericaceous peat-free compost. Gather your spade and a watering tool too.

  1. Raise your container on bricks to aid drainage.
  2. Fill your container with compost.
  3. Dig a hole that is twice the size of the rootball.
  4. Plant with the top of the rootball level with the soil surface.
  5. Water with rainwater if possible, which is less alkaline than tap water. Let tap water stand for half a day so the chlorine can evaporate.
Product Details
Eventual Height

100 cm

Eventual Spread

100 cm

Botanic Name

Rhododendron 'Johanna' 

Light Condition

Partial sun

Flower Colour




Effort Level

Looks after itself

Planting time

Spring, Autumn


Border or Bed

Current Height

30 - 40cm

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