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snuggled in bed

Plants That Improve
Your Sleep

Snuggled up in bed is just about the best place in the world to be. So make the most of those precious hours of sleep with a helping hand from some beautiful and surprisingly helpful house plants. Grow your own soothing home remedies with a selection of plants that help you sleep and give your décor a green-fingered refresh too.

Soothing sips
Looking for natural sleep remedies? Why not try a hot cup of peppermint tea? This calming herb can be planted indoors — it's hardy and thrives in light shade, so it won't be a windowsill hog. You'll only need to brew a sprig of peppermint in boiling water for a relaxing cuppa.

Clear the air
If you only do one positive thing for your sleep today, placing air purifying plants in your room should definitely be it. They help you to breathe better night after night and only ask for a little water and sunlight in return. Aloe vera thrives on neglect and releases oxygen during the night, while spider plants filter toxins and boost the room's O2 (plus, try as you might, they're really hard to kill). Snake plants are equally effective air purifiers and oxygenators – they even get the stamp of approval from NASA.herbs close up

Snoozy scents
When it comes to plants that help you relax, lavender is loved for its fragrance that lulls you to the land of nod. For a nice and easy way to make good use of it, we recommend getting hold of a few dried sprigs and popping them into a vase on your bedside table.