The Munro Cloche Company

Herne Bay, Kent

Let us introduce you to The Munro Cloche Company. Founded by Tim Hill, he has taken the time to research, innovate and design a modern cloche that's beautiful, useful and will protect your plants.

A garden cloche, pronounced kl-osh, acts as a portable miniature greenhouse for your plants. Introduced to gardens as early as the 1600s, a garden cloche is a large bell-shaped jar that is upturned to cover a plant and keep it warm whilst protecting it from the elements. Now, in 2021, The Munro Cloche Company has created a cloche that is made from polycarbonate which is durable and collapsable for easy storage.

We love finding partners to work with who are experts at what they do. Whether you are buying your first or 33rd cloche, we think you and your plants will be seriously impressed by The Munro Cloche Company.

"A cloche, pronounced kl-osh, acts as a portable miniature greenhouse."

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