James McIntyre & Sons

Perthshire, Scotland

When it comes to soft fruit trees, look no further than James McIntyre & Sons.

A family run business specialising in growing soft fruit for over 60 years, they produce well over a million raspberry canes every year, not to mention the blackberry, blackcurrant and the more exotic varieties of Tayberry and Gojiberry plants thriving in their nurseries.

Based in Perthshire, Scotland, the soft fruit plants are grown in Strathmore valley - a near-perfect environment for growing conditions.

Growing soft fruit bushes doesn’t need to be difficult - a hardy raspberry cane can be planted in pots in any garden, regardless of size.

You’ll be popping out to pick your harvest and have a homemade berry cheesecake on the dinner table quicker than you can type “wild raspberries near me” into Google.

'They produce well over a million raspberry canes every year.'

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    James McIntyre and Sons
    Coupar Angus Road
    Perthshire, Scotland
    PH10 6UT

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