For Peat's Sake

Tibberton, Gloucestershire

Peat bogs all over the world are being ‘harvested’ to remove peat that is then used in most multi-purpose composts you’ll find. Peat mining is a damaging process that drains the land, endangers fauna and flora, and releases large amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere, exacerbating global warming.

It’s cause for concern in the gardening industry, which is why here at Sproutl, we only sell peat-free compost. It’s also why companies like For Peat’s Sake are so important - they firmly believe that peat belongs in the bogs, not in your compost.

Instead of traditional compost, For Peat’s Sake coir product is made up of the fibrous husks of the inner shell of a coconut. The coconuts used are harvested around every 45 days, and are usually used by the food and cosmetics industries, leaving coir as a by-product that would otherwise be wasted. The fibres have great moisture retention qualities, are odourless and are sturdy enough to be reused multiple times, so are perfect for growing plants in.

For Peat’s Sake’s coir is buffered, meaning it’s been treated for optimal nutrient absorption, so that your plants will grow happy and healthy. It includes no artificial fertiliser, so when planted, it should be fed organic proprietary plant food.

We love their sustainable approach and ingenuity, as well as their continuous efforts at spreading awareness about the dangers of peat mining. We’re so excited to have them on board.

"they firmly believe that peat belongs in the bogs, not in your compost."

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